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I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Jaime – a strategic brand identity and web designer. I’m also a mom to the happiest little boy alive and nine – yes, NINE – parrots. I like to joke that I am actually the nine birds in a trench coat going about my day as a Perfectly Normal Human™️, hence the blog name, Nine Birds in a Trench Coat.

If you’re wondering where that name started… same.

I’ve been a birb mom for at least twenty-five years now (I’m thirty), so that definitely had something to do with it. But I think the whole trench coat thing actually started because of Dungeons & Dragons where, if kobolds don’t feel safe, they disguise themselves as human by standing on each others’ shoulders inside of winter clothing. And then one day at my job at the time – we used Discord for communication – one of my colleagues was going over to everyone’s personal audio channel (our “desk”) and changing real names to something fake that was relevant to that person.

This person did not change my own from “Jaime’s Desk” – presumably because we didn’t know each other well – but I thought it would be funny if my desk name were something other than the generic “Jaime’s Desk.”

So I changed it to Nine Birds in a Trench Coat. And I loved it so much that I ended up using it as my name on Twitter, my personal TikTok handle, and I started using it elsewhere, too.

And I spent too long trying to figure out a name for this blog that was on brand with my own personal branding (so it needed to be parrot related), but I was trying too hard to NOT call it Nine Birds in a Trench Coat. I did not succeed in thinking of anything that I felt better suited me and my blog where I’ll cover a myriad of topics from design to business to
Imposter Syndrome to standard slice of life things.

Like I said earlier, I’m glad you’re here! I’m excited to take this journey into entrepreneurship with you and also share design topics and new tools/trends/processes/etc. Every so often, I’ll also post about fun or challenging things going on in life. And as mentioned above, I will also be posting about business (and design business-specific) topics.

I started Jaime Renee Design as a way to help forward-thinking business owners in creating a positive impact in their space, and I am trying to live up to that expectation in my own business, as well. I can’t wait to dive deeper into that topic in a future post.

If you want to connect with me on social media, I can be found on:

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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